29.2.12. to 9.3.12. Most of the steel work has been completed, so we turn our attention to the areas either side of the steel tracks. We must buttress the outer sides of the track and piling with concrete, and all of it will need shuttering.
We start with the road side, where the plan is to concrete the area between the road and the track. This will have to incorporate steps to gain access to the brick shed housing the jet washer and the pump out. It will also house the electric point currently on the post on the grass verge opposite the cottage. The electric point will be temporarily located on the north side of the brick shed. Moving the electric point involved digging out the cables and housing them on protective hoses before burying them again.
Unfortunately, there are some heavy tree stumps in this area that proved to be very well bedded in and refused to be moved, and in the process the brick shed got Rioja'ed, and had to be repaired.
We also worked on the finishing touches to the steel work, six mooring points.

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