16.12.11. Very cold day, but the same team in action, joined by Steve returned from his holiday cruise.
More digging in the hole at the top of the slip in preparation for the concrete. Housing tubes were also laid across the hole to carry a power cable for the light moved from the road side to the other side of the slip. Another tube to carry the water pipe, in a similar move. Finally the pumpout tube, to make a connection between the pumpout station and the mains system.
Each tube needed a standby length of string threaded through, to be used to pull through another utility cable/pipe, in case the first one failed. This was done by coerceing Dave to climb to the top of the WE carrying one end of each tube and the string with a weight tied to it. Drop the weighted string down the tube while the others jiggled it till it came out at the other end.
15.12.11. The previous day more work was done on the piles on the road side of the slip, cutting lengths of steel and welding them to the piles to make up the height of each pile to the level that the track will be, ready to carry the load of the track.

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