12.12.11. The day's work consisted of filling in the hole at the top of the slip with hardcore than flooding it with water to get the small satuf and dust to gravitate to the bottom in preparation of the compaction to follow. Another member was cutting pieces of piles to make up the wall of piling to carry the tracks and another was preparing and painting the six plates on the tops of the frames, on the road side of the slip. All this side of the slip had been previously welded by Dennis and others. Two of the plates on the other side of the slip remain to be welded and painted.
While working on the  hole, the concrete of the roadway started to crack and crumble and it became apparent that it wasn't man enough for the task of supporting the road traffic to be expected in the future. It seemed very shortsighted to continue working on the slip project without bringing this part of the roadway up to par too. We lifted parts of it and our worst fears were confirmed, the concrete was 6" to 3" thick in parts, un-reinforced, and laid straight onto soil, this mostly in the area over the electricity cable and water main. We found the electricity cable but not the water main yet. We aim to bring the area seen in today's and tomorrow's pictures into line with the rest of the project concrete work with suitable reinforcement and thickness of concrete.

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