11.10.11. Today is Pile Extraction Day. An early start, 7:30am, I haven't seen this 7:30 in years. Neither, it seems, does the trucker who was contracted to bring the extraction head and hydraulic drive system. It was to come from Barton on Humber, an hour away, but it arrived at noon, 4 and a 1/2 hours late. We and the SPI folk were kept there sitting and waiting.
However, when it did finally get here the SPI boys set to and with the help of a couple of our members, quickly got into their stride and extracted 40 of the 50 piles by day's end. The remainder to be done the next day. Had they had an early start, as planned, the job would have been done within the day, and the expensive 110 tonne capacity crane could have been hired for one day instead of two.

The SPI team and Baldwin crane operator, together with some of our members involved.

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